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Father: James Pople
born: ABT 14 JUN 1663
died: ABT 26 JUN 1708

Mother: Mrs Margaret Pople
born: ABT 1675
died: ABT 08 APR 1709

James Pople
born: BEF 18 SEP 1701
died: ABT 10 APR 1775

Spouse 1:Ann Baker
Married: 20 JUL 1724
at: Mark, Som., England
Child: Edward Pople
Child: George Pople
Child: George Pople
Child: William Pople
Child: Jacob Pople
Child: John Pople
Child: Richard Pople
Child: Mary Pople
Child: James Pople

Spouse 2:Mrs Sarah Theyer
Married: 16 DEC 1754
at: St Mary's, Wedmore, Som., England