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WARNING - Dangers of Buying on-line

I have recently fallen "victim" to a company that advertises microfiche of 1891 and 1901 census records for sale. A few months ago, I placed an order for various microfiche. However, in spite of numerous emails, phone calls and letters the company has failed to deliver any copies of the census records I've ordered nor responded to my attempts to contact them. Fortunately, my loss is relatively small (just under 40 UK pounds). However, I fear that others may have also fallen "victim" and that they may have lost more than I have.

When making a purchase on-line there are certain safeguards that one is advised to take, such as ascertaining a snail-mail address. As well as its web site, this company has such an address included on its site. The web site is
You may also find it interesting to browse through the other documents on this web site via this link.

If anyone else has had dealings with this company, please contact me.