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et in its hollow 'neath the Mendip hills,
Which toss to left and right with vales between,
There lies an old world City, whose grey stones
Sleep through the centuries, calm and serene.

From perennial springs the water flows
Down from the verdant hills, so history tells,
Into abysmal pools - which Ina named
After an early Saint - "St. Andrew's Wells."

Then on the ground, enriched by these great springs,
A church was built, and round about did grow
A Palace, then a City near its walls -
So Wells began - twelve hundred years ago.

Ina was King of Wessex 688-726.*

* Stories in Rhyme of the Ancient City Of Wells by M.M. Davies
Wells From Milton Hill. Click For Full Size Image
Wells Market Place. Click on image for full size picture.
Wells Cathedral. Click on image for full size picture.