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Barton Buses

The Site of Barton's Former Melton Depot Barton's Bus Depot in its heyday On the far left is the site of Melton's former Barton's Bus Depot on the corner of Wilton Road and Asfordby Road, adjacent to Melton College. Its demolition in the 1990s marked a major landmark in both mine and Melton's history. I love Barton Buses The photograph to the near right shows the Wilton Road depot in its heyday. The Barton Bus Company was, until recently, the oldest privately owned bus company in the United Kingdom. In spite of the demolition of the depot, there is still a thriving interest in the Barton Bus Company.

Not only was my Dad a driver for Barton's for many years, but he was also the depot superintendent between 1985 and 1989.Please contact me, if you love Barton Buses too.