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World War II and the Parachute Regiment

Somerby Village Hall Tribute to the Parachute Regiment Dad in WW II Paratrooper Uniform

No doubt we have all heard of the famous World War II battle of Arnhem or Operation Market Garden, as it was officially called. My Dad was one of the many paratroopers who fought there. He was based and carried out most of his training in and around Melton. Luckily, he survived! So few returned that the 11th Battallion in which he served, was disbanded and combined with others to form the 3rd Batallion. Shortly after this, Dad was posted on his final mission to fight in Palestine.

The picture on the left shows him in uniform around October 1945.

If you would like to know more about the battle or the Parachute Regiment, the following website is a good place to start:

I would love to hear from others that, like us, had relatives involved in this historic battle.